Sequel Filter Family

Crystal clear water is easily obtained with the comfort of smooth filter operation. These popular filters are a customer favorite.


Sequel™ Filter Family
Available in:
Sequel I™ and Sequel II™




Quality Filter Features

  • Exclusive V-Grid design

  • Permanently encapsulated filtering grid ends

  • Tough, abrasion-resistant A.B.S. construction

  • One-piece tank cover and valve assembly

  • Special 10 Year Limited Warranty on Filter Tank and Tank Cover


Doughboy’s outstanding line of filtration systems consistently deliver purity that is unrivaled in the industry.


With Doughboy’s Diatomaceous Earth Filtration Systems, sparkling clear water is easily obtained with the comfort of exceptional filter operation and easy maintenance. Sequel I Plus and Sequel II feature a unique V-Grid design that provides a large surface area for D.E. distribution. In addition, the Permanently Encapsulated Filtering Grid Ends provide long grid life and less maintenance. These features are essential for good performance and a clearer, sparkling pool for you and your family to enjoy.


Sequel I™

  • Four Position Rotary Valve with Easy Grip Handle

  • Strengthened V-Grid Adaptor

  • 15″ (I.D.) injected molded tank

  • 12.5 sq. ft. of filtering area

  • Rugged Top Cover Flange Lip


Sequel II™

  • Six Position Rotary Valve

  • Santoprene® Valve Gasket & Tank “O” Ring

  • 16″ (I.D.) injected molded tank

  • 20 sq. ft. of filtering area

  • See-thru waste port with cap