Additional Accessories

Skimmer Extension


Doughboy’s 2″ skimmer extension is constructed of corrosion-resistant A.B.S. and features a Santoprene® gasket, screws, and complete instructions.




90° Threaded Return Fitting

ReturnFitting_Detail_01_MediumWith soft and safe directional eyeball. For use with Pool Power Pak® I & II, and PowerLine pumps. Comes complete with shut-off disc.



Clear Strainer Lids

StrainerLid_Detail_01_MediumClear, see-thru design makes it easy to determine when to clean strainer basket.





Hard Plumb Adaptor Kit

HardPlumbKit_Detail_01_MediumOffers an easy way to hard plumb a Doughboy filtration system for increased durability and efficiency. For use with 11/2” rigid or PVC piping. Hard plumb plastic offers increased longevity and eliminates the need for flexible hoses. Kit includes 6 Santoprene® adaptors and 12 Stainless Steel Clamps.


High Flow Return Fitting

HighFlow_Detail_01_MediumFor use with Doughboy’s Pool Power Pak® III pumps. Accommodates for increased flow rate to the pool.




E-Z Clip™ Receiver

EZClip_Detail_01_MediumEach individual piece is 4’ long.





PowerLine Strainer Pot Wrench

Wrench_Detail_01_MediumThis durable pump wrench enables you to remove the strainer pot with ease.




Filter Base

GenerationFilterBase_Detail_01_MediumDurable design assures filter stability. For use with selected Media Master Series and Generation II filtration systems.




AquaView Filter Base

AquaviewBase_Detail_01_MediumFor selected AquaView Filters and PowerLine Pump





Filter Base

FilterBase_Detail_01_MediumCorrosion-resistant, structural foam ABS material. Can be used with all Doughboy Sequel and SilicaSilica filters with pool PowerPaks.




PowerPak Base

PowerPakBase_Detail_01_MediumThis rugged base assures maximum pump stability. For use with Pool PowerPak® I and Pool PowerPak® II pump units.