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I have an above ground pool that wasn't planned for and very little experience keeping the water clean and blue. I also didn't buy this pool from CCPools. However, Wayne and Robin have paid personal attention to my needs since I first came in about 3-months ago. I'm a disabled Veteran of the Iraq War and I get confused and frustrated quite quickly. My pool water filter had thick blue "muck" in it that even Wayne had never seen before. Well, it turns out I had bought Chlorine from another source that had an indicator dye in it. Wayne spent about an hour with me and Robin conducted an Alkalinity test. Turns out my pool is in great shape, I just didn't need this indicator. I plan to only buy from CCPools. Finally, these guys asked me about my military service. They asked me about my family and life. They didn't just sell me products. It can be busy in the store. I am so glad these guys are near to my home and I have a safe, reliable place to purchase pool supplies. Thank you CCPools!!!

Sam Console

We purchased a pool from chester county pools this summer,Jeff was extremely helpful in deciding which pool we should get!I would highly recommend them !

Rose Cylc

I’ve been using Chester County Pools for 25 years. Jeff and Wayne know what they are talking about, and never upsell or not care. 2 liner replacements, misc. plumbing repairs, and plenty of advice. They taught me patience and trust. The biggest messes I’ve had is when I thought I could maintain my pool using cheaper chemicals and figuring it out myself. Their advice is spot on, and have earned my business.

Friendly knowledgeable staff. You can't do any better than this 3rd gen. family owned business.

robert simpson

About 5 yrs ago my husband became ill and was unable to take care of our 30 foot round so I took over, well every year when I would open our pool it would be Green, brown & smelled nasty. So I started going out to Chester county pools & Jeff started at the beginning and we did step by step till I got it down. He told me the Key to opening a pool that is clear is to always make sure ur PH & alkalinity are spot on when you close, after that & the invention of the pool netting to catch all the leaves I never had another problem opening. Jeff is very knowledgeable & has helped through other problems so
if you follow what he tells you it’s amazing how it clears up. I wouldn’t go anywhere else for all my pool needs. Thank god for Jeff you are awesome! I wouldn’t have a pool to swim in if not for Jeff.
Thanks Jeff & Chester County pools

Kimberly Faddis-Kennedy

Wayne and Jeff know what they're doing. Competitive prices and a good stock on the shelves

Alex Sheehan

What can I say... I was ready to close up my pool. Then I come across a flyer in the mail from Chester County Pools & Spas. I knew this was the place for me as soon as the gentleman picked up the phone. I've been trying to get my pool up and running for 6 weeks, just when I was ready to throw in the towel. These wonderful and kind men took the time to explain my entire pool system and chemicals that I needed to add. Within a week my pool went from a dirty swamp to a crystal clear beach. After installing a new filter and following the correct steps with chemicals it's so easy to take care of . I will never ever use another pool company thank you for everything you guys have done for me. I can't thank you enough. NICOLE DELIKAT

Nicole Delikat

I went to the store 4 days ago fully under the impression I needed to buy a pump. I spoke to Jeff about my issue, and instead of pushing a pump sale of several hundred dollars he gave me a tip on how I could fix mine.... I went back home and did what he said and it was back to working like it should..... Unfortunately I sprung a leak some where else... so I had to go back to the store right away... when I walked back in and explained my new problem he new exactly what I needed! He jumped up,grabbed two O-rings and explained to me how to install them. I drove back home popped those bad boys in and I’m as good as new!!!! The man knows his stuff! He Is super friendly, and the prices are good. My only complaint about this store is that the model Pool they have running outside looks better then mine! Lol

S. Mejias

I want to thank the gentleman I spoke with today regarding my hot tub. I had asked him if he does service calls to see what is needed to get it working. After talking for for 10-15 minutes he gave me a complete rundown of things so I wouldn't be charged a service call. Thank you so much for your honesty. I will definitely be calling you with any spa/ pool needs I have.

Michele Hamilton

Jeff, Robin, and Wayne are the ones you want to see for all of your pool supplies. A family run business with great customer service and knowledge on everything you need to know about your pool needs. They never cease to greet us with a warm welcome and assist us as needed. Good prices too! Thanks. Keep up the good work. We love seeing you!

Shelley Rannels

Just left from there...expert advice and a pleasure to do business with!!!!

Rebecca S Wilson

Hired them to close up my inground pool last year (which was awful to open last spring). They were professional, polite and opening it this year has so far been a breeze! Highly recommend them! Thanks for a great job!

Jennifer Torrens

I have been a pool owner for the past nine years in the Chester County area. This year upon opening my pool I notice when I removed my winter cover that I had a big Algae problem. I also saw that my skimmer had a big crack in it from the winter temps. I never had these issues before. I told my wife that this year we need someone who knows what they are talking about to get this under control quick. I remembered the previous owner of my pool telling me that he bought the pool from Chester County Pools 12 years prior. I called them up on Memorial Day Of 2018 and a very nice lady answered the phone. Your open! I told her my issues and she even had my old model skimmer in stock in two colors! I thought I would never be able to get the same model after all these years. No more big box stores for me and the internet is always a big gamble. I decided to give them a try because after looking at their website I saw that they were a family owned business and have been in business for many many years. My wife and I headed to their store and we were greeted by the owners who could not have been more helpful. I spoke to Wayne about my pool water concerns and my wife spoke to his wife Robin about getting our skimmer replaced. What a great experience. I was schooled on proper water treatment for which I was grateful for his time with me. After a great stay we left knowing we would be back . I returned with a new water sample and this time met their son Jeff who like his father and mother could not have been more helpful in getting my water issues resolved. Four days latter and I have a sparkle clean pool! They have a loyal customer going forward as long as I have a pool. Cannot say enough about that family run business.
Thanks again.
Matt from Landenberg


Best pool supply in CHESCO. I had an issue with getting my pool opened. After buying what I was told the pool still was green. Screamed at the owner Jeff and told him his chemicals don't work. He assured me that it would take about 24hrs for pool to start to change. He was correct the pool did come around and it needed no extra chemicals then what he previously sold me. I put this guy through the wringer and he was Right an polite. My apology again Jeff.

Don K

I’m glad I started using Chester County Pools. Prices are better than other local businesses and always willing to help. After purchasing a home with a pool, another local company did the inspection and closing fall of 2016. I opened the pool and the water was BLACK. I attempted to have ***** Pools to try fixing the wrong along with their crappy install of the liner, again done before purchasing the home. ***** pools wouldn’t return calls and the woman who answered the first time yelled saying she helped install the liner and she knows 100% there were no rocks under my liner. Well, no help there, I took my business elsewhere. After a few people recommending Chester County Pools, I couldn’t be more happy. Jeff, Robin and Wayne have been great to work with. I had them close the pool last year and honestly, IT SAVED ME MONEY!!! Last year it took 18 times to shock a 33,000 gallon pool with a 4lb jug each time just to get it to a blue color. This year, shocked four times to get the chlorine to level and when I first opened it, crystal clear water. Jeff is very knowledgeable as he constantly acknowledges that his father mentored him. Wayne has always been helpful with his fountain of knowledge. Robin is wonderful and has been an absolute great person to work with. With three children, a pool is amazing and I feel is a necessity. I am happy to use Chester County Pools, highly recommend them and consider them as family.


What a great pool season, CRYSTAL CLEAR WATER. Thanks Wayne and Jeff for time and instructions on each chemical you guys are very knowledgeable with your product. Thanks for talking me into the automatic pool cleaner it works great. Thanks Rick

Rick Lowry

I moved into the area two years ago after having bought a house with a pool for which I had no idea how to maintain and quickly got into trouble with everything from algae to liner stains to leaks to everything in-between. I like to learn by doing so of course everything that can go wrong with your pool went wrong with mine! The really great thing about Jeff is he would always advise me on exactly what to do everytime I messed it up! He always had the right chemical, tool or procedure to fix it up everytime and over time, with his help, I finally figured out how to run a pool from open to close! Thanks to Jeff for patience, persistence and ever-present helpfulness

Marty L

I highly recommend Chester County Pools as the place to go to for your pool needs. Jeff has helped me get to know my pool better than I ever have. He has always taken time to not only address current issues in my pool but also always takes the time to help me understand what I am doing. This year in particular, I had serious algae issues due to the fact I had not opened it last summer. As promised, within two weeks following his plan, it was crystal clear and has stayed that way all summer. Jeff takes the time with customers that no other pool store does. For that reason, I will go no where else for my pool supplies.

Lisa Czapracki

We purchased a home in East Fallowfield 11 years ago that had a pool not in great shape. Chester County Pools has been so extremely helpful in every process of reconstructing the pool and surrounding area. The CCP staff has always been available to help and advise with any problem we encountered. Jeff and the staff is very knowledgeable and willing to spend their time to help you understand how to maintain a beautiful pool. Our relationship with Chester County Pools over the years has been the greatest! Thank you so very much for everything! I wish you much success!

Sandy Penny

This is the first time I’ve ever had a pool. I knew nothing about the things you have to do to have clear clean water. When I moved into my home the pool was a mess. It looked like a swamp. I’m so thankful that the first company I called was Chester County Pools and talked to Jeffrey.
I was so frustrated and ready to give up but Jeff was very patient with me. He took his time and walked me through the process step-by-step. I followed all of Jeff’s directions to get rid of things that should not be in the pool. I also took samples of the water to him after I added things to it for testing. Today Gary came to my home to clean the pool, what a nice, friendly, courteous informative person he was. Now, thanks to Jeff and Gary my pool went from looking like a swamp, to clean, clear, sparkling beautiful blue water.
If it wasn’t for both of these men my children would not be swimming in our pool this year. I would tell anyone who have a pool and need help or who want things done right contact this company. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Jeff and Gary!!
Colleen Butler

Colleen Butler

Jeff is the nicest guy and is so knowledgeable. I'm in there at least once a week over the summer to get water levels checked and he always takes the time to explain everything to make sure that I understand how to fix any problems i am having with the pool. I would highly recommend Chester County Pools to anyone!!


Jeff really knows his pool business! He helped me covert from a Bacqucil chemical system to a chlorine based system.
I followed his instructions and here I am a week later with a sparkling blue crystal clear pool water.
I will continue to work with Jeff to maintain clear beautiful water all summer. He has definitely gained me as a customer as I trust he knows what he is doing.
Thanks Very Much Jeff!!

Mike Stinger

I purchased a pool late last summer and then had Jeff install the deck around it as well. He was exceptional to work with during the entire process. Extremely meticulous and detailed as well as knowledgable! I am in sales as well as being a perfectionist myself so I recognize someone who stands out in their field of expertise. I highly recommend him to anyone thinking about purchasing a pool. I couldn't be more pleased with the end result and trust me I am not easy to please!!!

Sandra K Marasco

I could not have had a better experience! We purchased our pool from Chester County Pools 10 years ago and back then it was Jeff's dad and mom who served us well. Now Jeff has the helm and he is very pleasant and knowledgeable. Last year he helped us get through a bad situation when our pool water got contaminated and turned green...then later after another problem, his team came down to replace our old pool liner and get our new pool entry steps set-up. Even though there were a couple of glitches, Jeff sent the crew back and made things right. This year, with our filter and pump and their last legs, Jeff gave us a great deal on new and improved equipment so that we are good to go for another 10 years! Thanks Jeff!

Linda Haday

I've had my pool about 10 yrs every year i have problems doesn't matter what I do something always happens and it turn green, in the past i would vacuum till my arms fell off and pore more chemicals in then I needed to, well I went out to Chester county pools and Jeff said follow all these instructions and I promise this will work, it took a couple of days to follow all the instructions but in the end it worked like he said my pool is crystal clear and I'm loving it I'm actually swimming this year instead vacuuming. Thank you Jeff

Kimberly Faddis-Kennedy

I have been a customer of Chester County Pools for 7 or 8 years. I have tried other pool stores, large chain retail stores, and home remedies. But nothing compares to the customer service at Chester County Pools. Jeff and his team take the time to educate their customers on proper pool care and the products they sell. When I have a problem with my pool, I know that Jeff will work with me day after day until the problem is solved. I would highly recommend Chester County Pools to anyone who has a pool or is thinking of getting a pool.

Judy George

I have dealt with many pool companies over the years and Jeff has proven to have much more knowledge than anyone else. He has the answer to all my questions. In this busy world it is great to have someone you can trust with all you pool and spa needs.

Linda Volpe

I have been coming to Chester County Pools for many years. Recently I was having a lot of trouble with my pool water chemistry. Jeff was such a great help! He took the time to explain everything I needed to know to correct the problems. The folks at CCP are very friendly and always ready to answer your questions. We have used them to close our pool and the everything was done very professionally. The crew cleaned up and my pool house and pool area looked better than before they came.
I highly recommend these great folks!

Carol of East Fallowfield

To future customers of chester co pools,

I purchases a doughboy pool from Jeff In the beginning of the 2014 summer season. I walked into chester county pools with very little knowledge on pools or how to take care of them. Jeff sat me down and educated me on exactly what the product was that I was thinking of purchasing and exactly why he sold the doughboy brand! After shopping around I decided to go with chester co pools since they were the same price as other companies and had a stronger more guaranteed product. Jeff walked us threw with great detail on how to install it ourselves. We did just what he explained and the pool turned out beautiful! After we installed it he reassured us that he would help us in anyway possible to get the water balanced and he did! I have had no trouble maintaining the chemicals in our pool after following his directions. Chester co pools has been more than happy to address any questions since! We truly have enjoyed every second of this pool and would highly recommend chester co pools to anyone!

Heather K of west chester PA.

Heather kenny

They are great to do business with. Jeff goes above and beyond to help you learn how to take care of your pool. The guys that came out to close our pool were very professional and did a nice job. I highly recommend them!

Kim Villbrandt Capuito

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